Theology is an Idol

Sometimes Christians are confused about who they worship. It’s easy to get mixed up and begin to follow Theology rather than following God.

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that Theology is unchanging and cannot be touched and that it must be preserved at all costs. We treat Theology like a porcelain doll in a stuffy attic full of family heirlooms, never to be altered or questioned, forever preserved under centuries of dust and debris.

The reality is that Theology changes all the time- or at least it probably should. Broken Theology told white Europeans that it was their job to colonize and civilize black and brown people; told women that their sole job was to provide children and sexual satisfaction to their husbands; told queer people that they would go to hell if they didn’t pray the gay away.

Theology is simply what we think about God. What we think about God should change because our love for God should change, and that should change the way we love people.

The way that you love a friend or a partner changes the more you know them. Your love for them today is different than when you first met because you know more about them. Slowly, you let go of who you thought they were the more that you accept who they really are.

This is normal.

Our relationship with God works in the same way. We know more about God today than we did yesterday. That doesn’t mean that God transformed into some other deity. Maybe we’re just understanding more of what it means to be surrounded by perfect love.

When we follow Theology, we hold to the idea that regardless of its tangible consequences, Theology cannot be changed because God is restricted to our understanding of Them. When we follow God, we understand that God is so vast that we can only refer to Them in metaphors, and that maybe Theology doesn’t always have God quite figured out.

I just happen to think that any time Theology gets in the way of loving real people, it’s probably broken. And it probably needs to change.

Maybe that makes me a heretic. *shrugs shoulders*

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