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Joe Miner

A queer Christian's struggle in loving God, self, and others || 6w7, ISFP

Christian Colleges, Religious Freedoms, and their Conflict with Queer Civil Rights

Two students are filing a lawsuit against Fuller Theological Seminary regarding anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination they faced during their time as students. Christianity Today reports that the two students had been expelled from the seminary for their same-sex marriages. This action is a violation of Title IX, a federal law that was put in place to protect students at federally funded educational institutions from sex discrimination. This is yet another case that blurs the lines between religious freedom and civil rights, highlighting the inherent conflict the lies between many faith-based and religious… Read more Christian Colleges, Religious Freedoms, and their Conflict with Queer Civil Rights

Can I Trust This Church?

It’s been nearly a year since I began attending my home church in Upstate New York. When I first found this community, I was just about ready to give up on church. I felt mentally and emotionally drained from having to navigate how queer I could present in spaces that are supposed to be my spiritual home- a place I could come to knowing that I was loved, rather than having to determine if my acts of service would make me deserving of a faith community. Eventually, I stumbled across… Read more Can I Trust This Church?

Questions for Conservative Churches Ahead of the Proposed UMC Split

The United Methodist Church has once again become a hot topic in the Evangelical world due to its very public battle over the issue of LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusion. Last year, the UMC voted to maintain its traditional stance on sexual ethics, affirming the position that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman, and that sex should only be had within the context of heterosexual marriage. Additionally, this denominational vote decided that sexually active LGBTQ+ clergy, regardless of their marital status, would not be allowed to serve… Read more Questions for Conservative Churches Ahead of the Proposed UMC Split

Building Your Own Table

Dear readers, First of all, thank you for your endless support and encouragement as this tiny little platform continues to grow and change, expanding in new directions that I could not have expected at the start of this year. The first post I released this year was The Lie of Inclusion, and in that post, I described the ways that white conservative Christian spaces often exclude the voices they need to hear from the most because they completely disrupt the status quo. I vaguely shared some of my own experiences… Read more Building Your Own Table

Why Do I Stay in Church?

A Troubling Start The first Sunday that I willingly stepped foot in a church, the preacher said that homosexuality was the result of demonic oppression, and that the “gay lifestyle” is a one-way ticket to eternal damnation. My stomach churned. I was fifteen-years-old and exploring a life of faith. I believed in the message of Jesus so much that I felt compelled to dedicate my life to him, and yet, somehow, that wasn’t going to be enough for others who had felt that same conviction to follow Christ. That preacher… Read more Why Do I Stay in Church?

Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers, Part 2

A few weeks ago my friend, Timon Lee, shared his thoughts on the true nature of sacrifice in the queer Christian life. He touched on the idea that what the Church has often asked queer people to sacrifice actually misses the mark on what is and isn’t important to give up for those of us who have somehow managed to survive our often hostile faith communities. Timon discussed how the Church has asked queer people to conform to heteronormative social standards, to abandon their identification with the LGBTQ+ community, and… Read more Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers, Part 2

A Note on My Growth as a Gay Christian

I recently updated my About page to reflect my current position on sexual ethics, shifting from a more traditional or “Side B” perspective to a more progressive “Side A” perspective. In other words, I have grown to believe that God views same-sex marriage as a symbol of Christ’s love for the Church, just as He does with heterosexual marriage. Being gay and theologically traditional was always an awkward tension for me. I’ve wrestled and questioned throughout many seasons of my life, but I always came back to the conclusion that… Read more A Note on My Growth as a Gay Christian

Getting Proximate with God’s Love for the Poor

Good Guys and Bad Guys A few Sundays ago, I was sitting in a worship service at my church, and my friend, the preacher that Sunday said, “Jesus is never on the side of condemnation.” This stuck with me. Even more than that, it gutted me, taking the wind from my lungs and slapping me in the face with my own punishment-centered theology. This was a simple declaration and yet it began to shake me from my sleep, revealing the red flags in my relationship with God. As an American,… Read more Getting Proximate with God’s Love for the Poor