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Joe Miner

A queer Christian's struggle in loving God, self, and others || 6w7, ISFP

Non-Straight, Non-White, Non-Helpful: How Normative Language Limits Us

A Note on Communication  Words are more important than we often give them credit for. We commonly discuss the importance of delivery when it comes to both speaking and writing, often missing the importance of the actual words being shared. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Unfortunately, I’m here to ruin the magic and push back against that belief. “But Joe, isn’t communication only 3% verbal?” Yes and no. According to author, Phillip Yaffe, communication is far too complex to quantify how much any piece of communication plays a role in… Read more Non-Straight, Non-White, Non-Helpful: How Normative Language Limits Us

The Lie of Inclusion

“We’re working towards diversity and inclusion.” Anyone else hear this well-meaning, white lie in the Church before? As a queer person of color in a whitewashed Evangelical world, I am exhausted from waiting to be included. Time after time after time, I have heard straight white pastors, professors, mentors, and even friends tell me that they are working towards inclusion for people like me and yet time after time have greatly let me down. They will read books I recommend, attend the conferences, and dialogue with all of the subversive… Read more The Lie of Inclusion