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Category: Friends and Loved Ones

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Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers

This week’s post is a guest feature by my friend, Timon Lee. I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know Timon through a queer Christian Facebook group as well as via Twitter. We connected quickly over our mutual passion for social justice as well as various other shared interests. Timon is active in university campus ministry where he seeks to create hospitable spaces for all who are searching. ______________________________________________________________________________ One of my most vivid memories of my time in the closet are the times I rehearsed specific behaviors… Read more Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers

So Your Straight, White Friend Asked You to Coffee…

After spending four years at a predominantly white, conservative Christian college while also being black and gay, I got used to being asked to coffee by well-meaning white people who sought to learn more about my experience of living with two types of marginalization; that being based on my race and on my sexual identity. Sometimes I found these conversations to be productive. Other times, these kinds of conversations felt like talking to a fish tank. Most of the time, these conversations were more complicated than rating them as either… Read more So Your Straight, White Friend Asked You to Coffee…

Friendship Through Difference and Disagreement

It should be a given that humans are capable of becoming friends with those they fundamentally disagree with. For example, I have friends who are registered to vote under political parties other than my own, friends who hold varying theological perspectives, and friends who choose not to align themselves with religion at all. These relationships often come with a degree of tension due to our varying experiences, but I find these friendships to be greatly fulfilling because they help inform my understanding of the world around me, offering me insights… Read more Friendship Through Difference and Disagreement

The Lie of Inclusion

“We’re working towards diversity and inclusion.” Anyone else hear this well-meaning, white lie in the Church before? As a queer person of color in a whitewashed Evangelical world, I am exhausted from waiting to be included. Time after time after time, I have heard straight white pastors, professors, mentors, and even friends tell me that they are working towards inclusion for people like me and yet time after time have greatly let me down. They will read books I recommend, attend the conferences, and dialogue with all of the subversive… Read more The Lie of Inclusion