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Category: Queer and Christian

Encouragement for those who identify with my experiences, especially for queer people in faith communities.

I’m Done Arguing Theology

Recently, I was thinking about what exactly it is that I’m trying to do through my work as a queer writer and advocate in religious spaces. Some queer advocates and activists feel compelled to change the minds of Evangelicals through their theological work, arguing theologically that queer people are not an abomination, but a blessing. Many LGBTQ+ Christian activists do intense theological exploration to show well-meaning, yet misguided believers that they do not need to remove queer people from their homes and their churches, leaving them to suffer severe abandonment… Read more I’m Done Arguing Theology

The Abandoned are Closer to Christ

I saw a meme circulating around the internet of a rainbow-colored sheep being brought back to the flock, and the other sheep in the flock shouting back, “He wasn’t lost, we kicked him out!” This, of course, is a play on the parable of the lost sheep found in the Gospels that shared the story of a shepherd leaving his flock of sheep to find the one sheep that was lost in the wilderness. The question found in this play on the parable is obvious: what do we do with… Read more The Abandoned are Closer to Christ

Can I Trust This Church?

It’s been nearly a year since I began attending my home church in Upstate New York. When I first found this community, I was just about ready to give up on church. I felt mentally and emotionally drained from having to navigate how queer I could present in spaces that are supposed to be my spiritual home- a place I could come to knowing that I was loved, rather than having to determine if my acts of service would make me deserving of a faith community. Eventually, I stumbled across… Read more Can I Trust This Church?

Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers, Part 2

A few weeks ago my friend, Timon Lee, shared his thoughts on the true nature of sacrifice in the queer Christian life. He touched on the idea that what the Church has often asked queer people to sacrifice actually misses the mark on what is and isn’t important to give up for those of us who have somehow managed to survive our often hostile faith communities. Timon discussed how the Church has asked queer people to conform to heteronormative social standards, to abandon their identification with the LGBTQ+ community, and… Read more Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers, Part 2

Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers

This week’s post is a guest feature by my friend, Timon Lee. I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know Timon through a queer Christian Facebook group as well as via Twitter. We connected quickly over our mutual passion for social justice as well as various other shared interests. Timon is active in university campus ministry where he seeks to create hospitable spaces for all who are searching. ______________________________________________________________________________ One of my most vivid memories of my time in the closet are the times I rehearsed specific behaviors… Read more Sacrifice: A Love Letter for Queer Believers

So Your Straight, White Friend Asked You to Coffee…

After spending four years at a predominantly white, conservative Christian college while also being black and gay, I got used to being asked to coffee by well-meaning white people who sought to learn more about my experience of living with two types of marginalization; that being based on my race and on my sexual identity. Sometimes I found these conversations to be productive. Other times, these kinds of conversations felt like talking to a fish tank. Most of the time, these conversations were more complicated than rating them as either… Read more So Your Straight, White Friend Asked You to Coffee…

The Lie of Inclusion, Pt. 2: White Queer Negligence

I have been told by some white members of my own queer Christian community that my voice is hostile and that by calling out racism in queer spaces, that I am creating division and creating unsafe spaces for queer people who are white and/or conservative. I have even been told that my voice makes it harder for LGBTQ folks to gain acceptance by the straight conservative Christians who don’t understand us. Criticisms such as these coming from within the queer community come from places of unaddressed privilege. When someone tells… Read more The Lie of Inclusion, Pt. 2: White Queer Negligence